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X Band: Episode #67 - Planning the Pilgrimage to Phantom Mecca Weekend

In the second X Band Podcast this week (!), Jermayn and Dan are joined by Jon Cookson to discuss their plans for the biggest day on an Australian phans calendar: Saturday at Sydney Supanova and the Lee Falk Memorial Bengalla Explorers Club (LFMBEC) Dinner!

As the new-comer, Dan quizzes the experienced Germ and the veteran Jon about the origins and traditions of the day, getting a few tips for new players and advice about gear needed and dress codes applicable.

Of course, a hot topic is Frew's plans for Supanova, including all the merch that we know will be available. When their attention turns to the Dinner, we're privileged to hear a few behind-the-scenes stories and an insight into the goings on at this auspicious annual gathering.

We finish the podcast with another special guest, Philip Vincent, who will be cosplaying as The Phantom at Supanova!

Introducing Philip Vincent as "The Phantom"

Recent Phantom Happenings

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