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Frew Pholio #3 is OUT NOW

Without any phanfare at all (phun intended) Frew has released their pholio #3 quietly on the Frew website.

Interestingly seeing IMO this is the best set so far as it includes international cover art from the popular Phantoms World releases including yet unseen published Frew covers from Ömer Muz (Turkey) and Alexandre Jubran (Brasil).

This set included five prints that feature The Phantom's World covers, created by four different artists: Alexandre Jubran, Romano Felmang, Angelo Todaro, and Ömer Muz. Each set is numbered, signed, and limited to 100 copies.

Angelo has fast become popular among phans with his simple, clean and beautiful artwork. To me he reminds me of Felmang and at their hey days both are among the best we have ever seen draw the Phantom.

Alexandre and Ömer may be new to most phans but you can see by the quality they wont stay new for long. Alexandre has drawn a Phantom cover before for a Brasil publication back in 2001 (more details here).

Pholio #1 and Pholio #2 are still available.

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