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X-Band: The Phantom Podcast #61: August 2017 Comics and News

In this episode Jermayn, Dan and Steve review Frew issues #1775 to #1779, then chat about some of the recent news in the Phantom universe.

Excitingly, we've also had a special sneak peek at Kid Phantom and Phantom by Gaslight, and give listeners a bit of an idea about what's coming in these promising new series.


As part of our discussion about Lou Manna's story Full Circle (Frew #1776 & #1777), Jermayn refers to the 1989 Lee Falk/Sy Barry story The Death Threat. To help you process some of what we talk about, some of the relevant images from that story are below (click to enlarge).

And when Dan reports on The Phantom Art Show from Coffs Harbour, he promises a video review of the merchandise available at that venue - you can watch this below.

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