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Competition Winner Announced

Frew readers will remember the Phantom Merchandise competition that was announced in the 80th Anniversary Special, issue #1763.

Run by Australian brand licensing and marketing agency Merchantwise, the competition attracted over one hundred entries.

The competition required entrants to email in with the answers to two "simple" Phantom questions:

  1. What colour suit, other than purple, has The Phantom appeared in?

  2. What is The Phantom's real first name?

These may have seemed easy enough but the questions sparked a great deal of debate, with phans quoting different authors, different universes, obscure references and countries from around the world.

In the end though, it all boiled down to a happy win for Colleen Ryan from Concord, NSW whose entry was chosen from those with the accepted responses. Colleen is now the delighted recipient of over $800 worth of fantastic Phantom merch - Congratulations!

To adjudicate the debates and perhaps settle some bets among phans, ChronicleChamber asked for clarification on what the correct answers were to the questions.

We can reveal now that you simply needed to respond with:

  1. Red, blue and yellow/brown

  2. Kit

Perhaps the message for Phantom phans should be --- stop overthinking it!

Prizes courtesy of Phanfare, Popcultcha, Perth Bullion and Bradford Exchange.

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