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The Phantom Art Show - catalogue

The catalogue for The Phantom Art Show is truly a collector's item in itself.

Printed in the style of a 40's era Frew comic, it is a treasure trove of information about the artists behind the artwork, but also about the original creators: Lee Falk, Ray Moore and Wilson McCoy.

The opening editorial by Matthew Holle discusses the reason for the Art Show in the first place, and the appeal of the charater in general. Musings from key contributor Dick Frizzell justify his passion for McCoy's art and loathing of almost everything else, together with a piece by Dare Jennings that explains why he regrets meeting Lee Falk, are fascinating insights into the various mindsets that phans can have when considering The Phantom.

However, mostly the catalogue is a wonderful collection of images far removed from anything comic book devotees will have seen before, as the images below attest.

If for that reason only, The Phantom Art Show catalogue is a must have for any serious Phantom collector.

While the Art Show curators would love for this to be complimentary for all visitors, there is the cold hard fact that it costs money to tour this magnificent collection, and so the catalogue is available for $5 at any of the exhibitions on the tour.

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