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Passing of the Mantle to the Next Generation

As you may have gathered from the site’s logo, 2016 marks 10 years of Chronicle Chamber. When I first started the site I had no idea how long it would last, or even how long I’d want to keep doing it for. As it turns out, both those things lasted a lot longer than I expected.

10 years is a pretty good achievement in this age of constantly changing media. It’s also been a big 10 years for the Phantom himself, arguably with the last two to three seeing the most change – for the better – with the character in a long time. I’ve tried to push the site in new directions and expand its scope each year, mostly making it up as I went along. Easily the biggest success to come out of that is X-Band: The Phantom Podcast, of which I am extremely proud.

However, it is now time for me to hand the site over to someone else, at least for a little while. As some of you may have heard via the podcast, or on Facebook, or elsewhere, I’ve moved to England for work. While my passion of The Phantom has not at all diminished, being in the UK does make it somewhat harder to keep up to date with everything that is going on with the Ghost Who Walks. Sadly, it is a fact that he just is not terribly popular here. It also makes it harder to record podcasts because the time difference is so great between the UK and Australia. I thought about it a long time, but I decided it is best to leave the site in the hands of those who will do it the greatest service, and currently I don’t have access to news and so forth in a timely enough manner to be that person.

The people who are in the best position, though, are people you’ll be familiar with. Jermayn Parker, Dan Fraser and Stephen East will be looking after the site in my absence and – while I’d never admit this to them – I’m sure they will do a brilliant job. Their passion for The Phantom is unmistakable!

This doesn’t mean I’ll not be around at all, however. I’ll still post the odd news story and hopefully put up an article or two. I might even be able to join in on a podcast episode from time to time. However, for the foreseeable future Jermayn and Steve will be running the day-to-day goings on of the website as well as being your main hosts for the podcast. I wish them well and hope that you all continue to support them, and the site.

Thank you to everyone who has stopped by the site over the last ten years. To those of you who have been here since day one, I can not thank you enough for your continued support. For those of you who are new to CC, thank you for checking the site out. To everyone, thank you for keeping such a brilliant character as The Phantom relevant in the modern age.

Long live The Phantom!

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