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X-Band: The Phantom Podcast #167 - Matt Kyme & The Diamond Hunters

Comic creator and Phantom phan Matt Kyme is back reviewing a classic Phantom story. This is now the third story of the mini series we have been releasing during COVID-19. You can listen to the other two here:

This time he reviews the third ever Phantom story "The Diamond Hunters" which sees him battle a bunch of rogues who are causing no end of trouble in the jungle. We see the Phantom kill for the first time and also show his face unmasked to Diana his love.

"The Diamond Hunters" was created by the dynamic duo of Lee Falk and Ray Moore and started in newspapers around the world between 12 April 1937 and ended on 18 September 1937.

Hope you enjoy the adventure and review by Matt. Again, this is best watched on YouTube.

We have at least one more review coming up, If you like these reviews, let us know along with any other stories you would like Matt to review next.

You can follow Matt Kyme at either:

1 Comment

Matt, you've done it again! Great review mate. Love your style. You've made me want to chase this story down and read it. Keep doing more reviews.


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