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X-Band: The Phantom Podcast #152 - May 2020 Comics & News

Come join us with just under two hours of Phantom phun as the guys talk everything new that has happened in the Phantom's world for the last 4-6 weeks.

We talk all things Kickstarter, COVID-19 and how its affecting Sydney Supanova and the LFMBEC dinner plus updates on the Chronicle Chamber Phantom Bushfire Phundraiser book.

Then between the team of Mikael Lyck, Dan Fraser and Jermayn Parker, we review in great detail eight new comics from Fantomen, Frew and Hermes Press. Some of the feedback is quite opinionated and we would love to hear from our listeners if they agree or disagree with our opinions.

We do not review Frew #1864 (The Fight Against Singh, Part 1: Shadows over Singhtown), as we will save that to review all four parts together in a stand alone podcast.

If you want to skip through the podcast and only listen to certain parts. Attached below is the runsheet with the time stamps for each subject:

Phantom News: Supanova & LFMBEC fallout with COVID-19: 5 minutes

The Phantom Card Game Kickstarter Campaign: 10 minutes

Analysis of the Fantomen 2018 best stories results: 17 minutes & 30 seconds

The New Sculpture from Brazil: 20 minutes

Chronicle Chamber Phantom Bushfire Phundrasier Book: 22 minutes & 15 seconds

Comic Reviews: Fantomen Comics Review (8/2020, 9/2020 & 10-11/2020): 25 minutes

Frew #1862 & #1863 (Inked in Blood): 35 minutes

Frew #1865 (Collectors Replica Series): 54 minutes & 30 seconds

Frew Trade Paperback #3 (The Triads Series): 59 minutes & 45 seconds

Hermes Press President Kennedy Mission Graphic Novel: 1 hour, 18 minutes & 30 seconds


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