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X-Band: Phantom Podcast #242 - Introducing Ash Nicholls and Art of Play

The team interviews the man behind perhaps the biggest news of the last 10 years - the announcement of the Phantom video game by Art of Play Games. Thousands of phans from around the world were shocked, amazed and generally excited at the announcement.

After the excitement sunk in, the questions flowed so we sat down with Art of Play games director Ash Nicholls who was very open and we think to say after two hours, there may not be many questions we didn't ask.

Some of the key questions that are answered in the podcast are:

  • Is it a 2D or 3D style game?

  • The genre of the game and why Art of Play Games chose this genre.

  • The game levels and storyline

  • Key dates including the digital, console and collector box release dates.

  • What will be in the collector boxes

  • The price points for the various ways of purchasing the game.

  • Who are the artists and writers involved in the creation of the game.

  • Will it be multi player?

  • What generation of the Phantom is featured?

  • What countries and locations will the Phantom be visiting?

  • Will regular and known characters of the Phantom be included in the game?

  • Will there be a morality clause with the game play that suits the Phantom ethos?

  • What Phantom tropes will be non negotiable?

  • Is there room for an expanded “game universe” with other Phantoms or characters like Flash, Mandrake etc?

  • When can we expect more images or gameplay footage?

  • Easter eggs during the game

  • Will the game play like a comic?

  • Will there be a collectible element?

  • How many units Art of Play Games need to sell to make a profit

  • The ball park figure to make this game.

During the podcast, Ash asks for phan input on certain elements, so ensure you listen or watch and send your feedback to our comments sections.

To follow the progress on their website and social media accounts:

If you are a patreon of Chronicle Chamber, make sure you login to your patreon account as we have a bonus chat with Ash which is just for our patreons. All sneak peaks from Art of Play Games will be first shown to our $5 and above level Patreons, so now is the perfect time to join.

If you have any questions we did not cover, please let us know and or add them to our YouTube Channel and or social media profiles, You can email us at or chat with us via our social media profiles with your feedback at Facebook, Twitter and or Instagram.

Make sure you stay with us and do not forget to subscribe and leave a review on our podcast and or our YouTube Channel.

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