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X-Band: Phantom Podcast #240 - Our Best of 2022

The team Dan Fraser, Jermayn Parker and Stephen East join together along with contributors Duncan Munro, Mikael Lyck and Ankit Mitra to discuss EVERYTHING that has been published and released in the year 2022.

We do it in two hours. Grab a glass of milk or start that park run and enjoy!

2022 see's 11 countries publishing the Phantom, 98 comics from around the world. That is roughly two Phantom comics released a week. It also see's 30 brand new (never been published again anywhere) Phantom stories released in 2022 which is roughly every two weeks, you could buy a comic featuring a brand new Phantom story.

Please note we go over the results of the Frew Survey competition we held. A full analysis will be up on our website along with the video draw of the five winners. Thanks to everyone who voted.

If your one of the phans who can only listen to some parts of the podcast, below is a timeline of what we discussed.

  • Tale of the Tape: 2 Minutes 30 Seconds

  • Our Best Phantom Comics for 2022:

    • Our Best Non Frew / Fantomen / Indian Cover: 26 Minutes

    • Our Best Frew Covers: 30 Minutes

    • Best Frew Cover Survey Results as Judged by You: 34 Minutes

    • Our Best Fantomen Covers: 43 Minutes

    • Our Best Indian Covers: 46 Minutes 30 Seconds

    • Our Best Writers: 51 Minutes 30 Seconds

    • Our Best Story Artists: 1 Hour 30 Seconds

    • Our Best Stories Published by Frew: 1 Hour 7 Minutes

    • Best Frew Stories Published by Frew Survey Results as Judged by You: 1 Hour 12 Minutes

    • Our Best Stories Published By Fantomen: 1 Hour 19 Minutes

    • Our Best Fantomen Issue: 1 Hour 20 Minutes

    • Our Best Issue Published by Regal / Shatki: 1 Hour 21 Minutes 30 Seconds

    • Our Best Frew Issue: 1 Hour 22 Minutes 30 Seconds

    • Best Frew Issue Published by Frew Survey Results as Judged by You: 1 Hour 29 Minutes 30 Seconds

  • Our Best Phantom Merchandise for 2022: 1 Hour 35 Minutes

  • Our Best Chronicle Chamber Moment for 2022: 1 Hour 44 Minutes

  • Our Overall Phantom Reflection on 2022: 1 Hour 49 Minutes

  • What will be the Big Phantom News for 2023: 1 Hour 58 Minutes 30 Seconds

You can email us at or chat with us via our social media profiles with your feedback at Facebook, Twitter and or Instagram. Would love some feedback on what we discussed on the podcast and on the following topics:

  • What are your favourites? Do you agree or disagree with us? Did we miss anything?

  • What was your best Phantom Merchandise for 2022?

  • What was your best Chronicle Chamber moment for 2022?

  • What do you think will be the big Phantom news for 2023?

Make sure you stay with us and do not forget to subscribe and leave a review on our podcast and or our YouTube Channel.


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