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X-Band: Phantom Podcast #227 - The Phantom Goes Digital

Jermayn Parker and David Barry join forces to discuss with Scott Einiger who is the founder of Kleckt (website). You may remember Kleckt as the company who announced their intentions of turning Sy Barry into NFT on the Phantom's birthday in 2022.

This podcast we try and dig into the future of the Phantom and getting the character digitised.

As you listen or watch be prepared to have your mind blown, stretched and challenged. As you will find out what Scott talks about is much more than just a NFT. We talk about providence of collections and how it can add value to your collection or a specific piece. Other topics are a digital museum, the movie, the history and saving it for multiple future generations.

At the 40 minute mark we do watch Scott's trailer for Kleckt which is best viewed on video. If you listen to this on audio only, you will only hear the sound track.

We want your feedback on this podcast and idea of Kleckt. You can email us at or chat with us via our social media profiles with your feedback at Facebook, Twitter and or Instagram.

  • What do you think of NFT's? Will you buy one?

  • Would you buy a ticket for the digital museum?

  • Does this excite you?

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