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X-Band: Phantom Podcast #224 - With Pidde Andersson

Stephen East and Jermayn Parker join forces to chat with Pidde Andersson who is a Swede writing stories for the Australian Frew magazine. He is also currently the most prolific story writer for Frew.

We discuss many interesting topics including how he got the job, the joys he received seeing his own stories intended for the English audience find its way to be published by the Fantomen magazine. His career plus interesting tropes on artists he has created stories for including: Shane Foley, Rafael Dantas, Joan Boix, Jason Paulos, Anthony Spay and others.

We dissect his love for the Phantom drinking milk, editing his own stories to fit in a Frew comic and then translating them back into Swedish for the Fantomen magazine.

This is an easy listen and good phun as you get into the brain on a creator who gets and understands the Phantom.

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