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UK Magazine 'Infinity Magazine' #55 Out 25th November 2022 Featuring The Phantom

The Phantom has an indifferent history in the United Kingdom with many unsuccessful comic series through out both England & Ireland.

The first time he featured in a stand alone comic series was the Miller series in 1959 and the last was 2019 in Ireland with the hard to find comics from Lightning Strikes. He has also appeared in several other comic book series as a backup character including perhaps the most popular the TV Tornado comic series.

Now in 2022, the UK magazine Infinity Magazine has released the cover for issue #55 including the Phantom on the front cover.

It is great to see the Phantom in popular culture.

Not much is known about the contents apart from you can see on the front cover at this stage. The magazine is in colour and contains 68 pages of content. You can find more information at the Infinity Magazine website.

The magazine is released 25th November 2022 (earlier if you are subscribed). The cost is £6 ($12Au, $7US/EU & 75sek/nok).

Chronicle Chamber will be attempting to get a copy for a video review. Keep an eye on our website or social media accounts for notification of the video review.


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