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The Souled Store from India Releases Two New Shirt Designs

The Souled Store is a large popular pop culture store located in India who has now added a few Phantom design shirts to their range. They are primary an online e-commerce business but now have 12 physical stores across 5 cities in India.

View & Buy Their Shirts Via (here & here)

Sizes range from Small to XXL. The hoodie is currently sold out with limited numbers of the shirt still available at ₹734 INR ($15AU, $10US, 8.50EU and 100 sek/nok).

The Souled Store is a regular at Comic Con India and has a great cult following among the pop culture fans.

Again like most recent new merchandise releases, the clothes feature artwork from both Sy Barry and Amelia Vidal from the 2020 Style Guide. This seems to be a specific ploy by King Features and I agree it is a good idea to hopefully appeal to the staunch Barry phans as well as hopefully the new phan.

This news comes out recently after Brisco Apparel Company has also released a large number of Phantom themed clothing (find out about them here). Obviously King Features is getting companies world wide to buy the licence which can only be seen as a good thing. What is next?


Thanks goes to Swaroop Chand who let us know about the new release by The Souled Store. If you purchase these shirts and would like to video review them for us, please contact us. If you find anything Phantom related, please let us know.


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