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USA Brisco Apparel Company Release New Phantom Clothing Line (Including Other KFS Characters)

It is time to wear our Hero with some attitude!

Phans have always loved wearing the Phantom and now thanks to USA clothing company Brisco Apparel they have released seven (7) new designs for us to buy and collect. These will look great at conventions, phan meet ups, work around the house or for most of us, in our Phantom collection never to be worn.

The best thing about these designs is that majority of them are new designs never before seen.

Brisco Apparel is a USA company that has been around for 20+ years. At this stage they do not ship outside of USA but if enough phans contact them, they may start shipping to Australia, Europe or India.

The seven (7) designs printed on a range of products like jumpers, shirts, singlets and tank tops means there are 92 products to buy for those completists. The prices range from $18US to $30US ($30AU to $45AU). They do free shipping (inside USA) for orders over $35US - two shirts and you wont have to pay for shipping.

The clothes feature artwork from Sy Barry and Amelia Vidal from the 2020 Style Guide. Some designs even feature a mix of both artists which is a nice touch to bring new and past together.

Do you like them? My opinion is the new designs look better than anything King Features Syndicate have released on their Comics Kingdom website shop. My favourite is the Phantom Oath design.


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