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The Norwegian Fantomet Kronologisk Series is Cancelled

2018 saw the end of the regular Norwegian Fantomet magazine series after 1,217 issues which first started in 1964. Back then some comments was at least the Norwegian Fantomet Kronologisk series was still in print. However, now after 28 compilations issues it will also be ending.

Now the only comic featuring the Phantom in Norway is the annual Christmas album. The 2023 Christmas album is now out and can be ordered from here at for 99nok.

The Fantomet Kronologisk reprints stories previously published in Fantomet, chronologically from 1964 and onwards. The issues printed in this compilation is 5-8 from 1972.

Note, this series did not include new stories and is very similar to the Swedish and Australian series.

Thanks goes to Norwegian phans for informing us of this decision from the Norwegian Fantomet editorial team.


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