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Review of Frew's Phantom World Collector Cards

While trading cards are not as popular as the 1990's, majority of phans still like them and with the success of the Frew Generations collector cards, it is no surprise to see Frew releasing another collector card set.

Here is our review of the cards that highlight the different Phantom costumes throughout the years from 14 different countries.

Please note, we do not call these trading cards but instead collector cards seeing they do not come in blind bags like the Frew Gallery trading cards released in 2019.

You can buy these from the Frew website here for $30AU +GST ($23US, 22Euro, 230 SEK/NOK).

These are 18x cards featuring art by Sal Velluto and are shiny foil cards which were first for sale at the recent Sydnova 2022 event (our review of the event).

Back in 2016, Sal Velluto posted on Facebook that he was after something for a special project. He wrote...

I need to complete an accurate list of the countries where each version of The Phantom's uniform has been published. Specifically, I need to know for each version of the costume, ( indicated in the picture by a number) the first country of publication and all the other countries where that costume has been published. This is for a surprise project, coming soon.

6 years later, the secret project has arrived. Sal also mentioned this project in our X-Band: The Phantom Podcast episode #125 without giving anything away. Did anyone remember these hints?

If I had to be picky, it would have been nice to see the Phantom embossed and maybe more information about each country but that would have taken away from the image of the first country of each country.

The countries are:

  • 1936: USA

  • 1936: Argentina

  • 1936: Itay

  • 1937: Brazil

  • 1938: Australia

  • 1939: USA

  • 1939: Facist Italy

  • 1944: Mexico

  • 1949: New Zealand

  • 1950: Sweden

  • 1954: Brazil

  • 1956: Sweden

  • 1959: Egypt

  • 1964: India

  • 1968: Turkey

  • 1973: Indonesia

  • 1977: Angola

  • 1987: Greece

Gave them a score of 4 Good Marks out of 5.

How do you rate them? All our reviews can be found at our website and or you can subscribe to our YouTube channel for more videos including our fortnightly X-Band: The Phantom Podcast.


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