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Review & Comparison of 2022 / 23 Perth Mint Phantom Coins

Perth Mint has released a 2022 and 2023 Phantom collector coin. While the design is the same there are some differences between the two coins so here is a video review but also comparison between the two coins.

The 2022 Phantom coin was a huge success that is sold out on the Perth Mint website. You can still find them on reseller locations like eBay etc. The 2023 coin can still be purchased at the Perth Mint website here for $90Au ($60US).

The differences between the two coins are:

  • 2023 coin has a coloured Phantom.

  • The years 2022 and 2023

  • The 2023 coin has the Queens years of being head of the monarchy.

  • On the packaging the front of the 2023 design has less 'dots' and has the Skull Cave design. On the 2022 coin the Skull Cave is on the back of the packaging.

  • The 2023 coin packaging doesn't feature the Phantom like the 2022 design.

In my opinion the 2023 coin is the more collectable coin out of the two. The coloured Phantom is very effective. Some phans feedback is they are unsure on the design of the Phantom and the colouring makes it more visually appealing.

For the collectors, Perth Mint also released a flyer which features the Phantom logo in a shiny print. I would have liked to see this design and feature on the packaging of the coin as well. I also wonder what the logo on the coin would have looked like coloured as well.

Have you brought these coins for yourself? What are your thoughts?


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