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Regal Publishers The Phantom #19, #20 & #21 Review

Regal Publishers have released three issues for December also labelled as 'Christmas Edition 2021' with covers created by Vincent Moses Raja, Abhilash Chako, and myself Ankit Mitra. 3 comics with 2 stories in each, in full colour.

Publishing these comics on every other month in these pandemic times is no easy feat! I am happy to confirm that Regal have kept up their high standard of production with these latest releases too! Attached is my review of the three comics.

The contents of each comic are:

Phantom issue #19

Cover by Vincent Moses Raja

Free supplement cutout card based on the cover art

"The Forbidden Lands" by Tony De Paul and Graham Nolan

"The Little Detective Who Disappeared" by Tony De Paul and Jeff Weigel

Phantom issue #20

Cover by Abhilash Chako

Free supplement is a stamp based on the cover art

"Trouble in the Twelve Nations" by Tony DePaul and Terry Beatty

"The Return of Colonel Weeks" by Tony DePaul and Paul Ryan

Phantom issue #21

Cover by Ankit Mitra

Free supplement is a collectible card based on the cover art

"The Free Avar Front" by Tony De Paul and Jeff Weigel

"Crocco Island West" by Tony DePaul and Paul Ryan

The price for each issue is 200 Indian Rupees which is about: $3.70 Australian Dollars, $2.68 US Dollars, 2.36 Euro & 24.23 Swedish Krona. (Approximate Rates)

Due to licensing limitations, Regal can only sell & ship to addresses within India - so for Phans living outside India, I recommend you befriend an Indian Phan & have these books bought & shipped to you by them. If not, FREW are selling some copies of this series via their website, and I'm sure these issues too will show up for order there - although in very limited quantity.

Regal has a website you can order from plus an Amazon Storefront for Indian Phans who would like to order these books from

For any assistance regarding ordering these books directly from Regal you can contact Regal Publishers here:

Regal Publishers

Whatsapp & Phone No: +91 94810 52592


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