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Regal Publishers Announce Anniversary Special Issue

August 2020 Regal Publishers released their first issue of their regular series and it was the start of something magical which has seen a renaissance of the character back in India which perhaps has the largest number of phans.

To celebrate their two year anniversary, Regal are releasing a special #25 issue with 164 pages instead of the normal 56 page issues they have been releasing for the past year. As per all their issues, this is in full colour.

It can be purchased at Regal's website for Indian fans here. Purchases outside of India will need to be done via Frew's website here (or conduct a trade with an Indian phan).

Retail price is 800INR with a special pre order price of 720INR which is 10US, $15AU, €10 and 100 sek/nok.

The contents of this comic (almost a TPB) are all Sunday stories including:

  • "The Wiseguy" by Tony DePaul and Terry Beatty

  • "The Rat Must Die" by Tony DePaul and Jeff Weigel

  • "Vigil at Phantom Head" by Tony DePaul and Jeff Weigel

  • "The Visitor" by Tony DePaul and Jeff Weigel

It is worth noting that "The Rat Must Die" is the longest Sunday story and this will be the first time "The Visitor" will have been published in comic format including before Frew and Fantomen.

Regal are really upping the game with their publications that some other publishers could learn from with the cover printing in a laminated softcover with glue binding and all 164 pages on beautiful gloss paper stock.

The cover art is by Chronicle Chambers own Ankit Mitra who credits it to be inspired by Sy Barry's design and the painting style of the late Patap Mullick, a legendary Indian illustrator and comics artist - best known for his work on the Amar Chitra Katha comics and the character of Nagraj of Raj Comics.

It is worth noting that Sy Barry has seen this cover and was very impressed - more on that at a later date.

As with most of Regal Phantom comics it comes with an extra supplement, this time a free poster commemorating all the issues released so far by Regal.


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