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X-Band: Phantom Podcast #219 - Regal Publishers & the new "Terror of the Python" TPB

Jermayn Parker is joined by Ankit Mitra as they talk to Pratheesh from Regal Publishers, the Indian publisher bringing back the Phantom with great success. We end the podcast talking and exploring the ground breaking "Terror of the Python" TPB featuring 250+ pages of the collected stories of the battle between Chatu and the Phantom and his family.

We learn that Regal Publishers actually first published the Phantom back in the 1980's with reprints of the Avon novels, then comics in the 1990's. We touch upon the family generation of Regal which sees the company passing the mantle from father to sons.

If you are an Indian comic reader, this is not a podcast to miss. We would love your feedback on the topics we discussed in this podcast. You can email us at or chat with us via our social media profiles with your feedback at Facebook, Twitter and or Instagram.

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