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Indian Regal Publishers English Series Starting from 1 August

Regal Publishers have now announced that their English Phantom series will be starting from 1 August 2020 with the release of issues 1 and 2. Both comics will be in colour and feature Sunday stories from legendary Phantom and Batman artist Graham Nolan.

You can listen and watch a video podcast with him here.

Each issue will feature two stories. Issue one will feature "The War Mongers" and "The Briefcase" and issue two will feature "Terror in Mawitaan" and "The Sinbad Stone". Issue one will be 48 pages and issue two will be 56 pages. If you have purchased any of their past issues you will know the quality of the print and each comic will be 18 × 26 cms in size.

Each comic will be 40 odd pages and priced at a reasonable 120 Indian Rupee's which will be affordable for every phan inside and outside of India. For those living outside of India it is roughly:

  • $2.50 Australian Dollars

  • $1.75 US Dollars

  • $1.50 Euro's

  • 15 Swedish Krona's

Past personal experience with Regal Publishers, they do post outside of India. A caution with COVID-19 is that some countries are still not accepting international parcels so there may be a delay in postage.

You can contact Regal Publishers via Facebook or via their Whats App number: +91 94810 52592..

The two covers are new and are created by local Indian artist Vincent Moses Raja who eager Phantom phans will know from the Chronicle Chamber Bushfire Phundraiser book which he contributed to.

The stories are great choices featuring top quality art by Graham Nolan who is a very popular artist and will help generate interest in the Indian market.

Sunday Story #155 "The War Mongers" - Story by Claes Reimerthi & Art by Graham Nolan

Sunday Story #156 "The Briefcase" - Story by Claes Reimerthi & Art by Graham Nolan

Sunday Story #158 "Terror in Mawitaan" - Story by Tony DePaul & Art by Graham Nolan

Sunday Story #159 "The Sinbad Stone" - Story & Art by Graham Nolan


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