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Phantom Phan Catch Up Friday 19 June

The weekend of 19-21 June was originally going to be the annual Supanova Sydney weekend were a few dozen Phantom phans would usually gather from around the world to chat, catch up and do plenty of Phantom. Including in the weekend are usually a few catch ups with other phans.

Unfortunately COVID-19 has put a stop on that for now. To hopefully ease the pain, we have put together an online Phantom catch up on Friday 19 June at 9pm AEST. Bring your beverage of your choice, your device and let us try and capture the phun that usually happens.

The beauty about this form of catching up is you will not need to be on location to join in. This is open to anyone. Anyone from anywhere from India, Sweden, New Zealand, Australia, Norway, the USA, South America are invited and you can join in with the phun.

Attached below is an image showing the times around the world, if you want to add your own time zone that is maybe not on the list, click here.

It could be wild, it could be phun, it could be awesome. See you then!


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