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New German Series of Daily Sy Barry Stories Published by ECR-Verlag Werner Reuß

German had a thriving publishing history with Bastei publishing hundreds of comics in the 1970's and 1980's. In the recent years Wick Publications and Zaubersten have started their own publishing with great fanfare and success.

In an exclusive we can announce that ECR-Verlag Werner Reuß will be joining them to bring a new series of Phantom comics to the country.

From November 2023, ECR-Verlag Werner Reuß will be printing the first three Lee Falk and Sy Barry daily stories ("The Slave Market of Mucar", "The Epidemic" and "The Wharf Rats") in two exciting formats. These stories will be printed in black and white.

The first release is three separate softcover comics with individual covers drawn by Andy. Volume one is 52 pages, the second is 36 and the third is 32 pages. The size of each comic will be 26.5x18cm. The three comics are sold together in a three foil pack. The three covers are below.

The second release is the three stories in a hardcover collection in both English and German with a separate cover drawn by Andy. These editions will be 116 pages and the bigger size of 29.7x21cm. The price for each hardcover is 29,80€ ($50Au, 35US & 340 sek/nok).

More information on this series can be found in a the ECR-Verlag Werner Reuß magazine titled "Comic Rundschau 17" which is due out November 2023.

We believe the cover artist Andy is a psydeum and features an art style that may be different to what many phans are used to. However I like the style and look forward to seeing his future covers.

Confirmation from ECR-Verlag Werner Reuß that this series will continue in 2024 with at least 5 hardcover collections with 15 further Lee Falk and Sy Barry adventures,


Thanks for this news to phan Mathias who brought it to our attention. Also thanks to the team at ECR-Verlag Werner Reuß for answering our questions to bring you this news.


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