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Mythos Presents A Wilson McCoy Phantom Adventures Omnibus Hardcover Book

Mythos is back with a new hardcover omnibus being released in May 2024. It will be a large 544 pages presented in black and white format.

The omnibus will contain the stories between 1942 and 1944 all created by Lee Falk and Wilson McCoy.

  • "The Inexorables"

  • "Bent Beak Broder"

  • "The Phantom's Engagement"

  • "High Seas Highjacker"

  • "Diana"

  • "The Crooner"

Chronicle Chamber has reviewed the first three omnibus volumes which you can view below if you would like to decide if you want to add this book to your collection.

If there is anyone who reads the Fantasma comics and understands Portuguese, please contact us as we would love some to join the team who can review Phantom comics and books that come from Brazil.


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