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Mythos Publishing Fantasma 2021 Publishing Plans

On a YouTube video with Glaucio Cardoso with Mythos Publishing on his Fantasma Channel, the publishing company made several announcements of their 2021 publishing plans. We have included the video below - it is in Portuguese so for those who cannot understand, the main points are:

Mythos will release 4 issues of the regular magazine series named O Fantasma featuring recent daily and Sunday strips, by Tony De Paul and all the artists who came after legendary Sy Barry. The first comic will feature the crossover story by Tony Beatty with Mandrake and Lothar, Sunday 178 "Mandrake's Bon Voyage". This will be instead of the Team Fantomen stories they have been publishing.

Along with the regular magazine, Mythos will also launch a Nostalgia Almanac, with stories of multiple King Features Syndicate characters including The Phantom, Mandrake, Prince Valiant, Flash Gordon, Rip Kirby, and many other characters.

Following Frew Publications experiment with the Phantoms World, Mythos will also release a 200 page hardcover book of the Phantom, featuring stories published by the publisher Fratelli Spada from the 1960s and 1970s. To get an idea on on the type of stories that are likely to be published, listen to X-Band: The Phantom Podcast episode #164 as they reviewed the whole 12 issues.

Mythos will also publish some Mandrake the Magician comics.

A lot of phans love their past gifts and they have more planned for 2021. One planned gift will be a Phantom mask. They did not confirm which edition this gift will be offered in however they did mention that issue number 8 will also be bigger, with more pages than the normal comics.

Issue number 8 will be part of the regular quarter Chronicles series featuring reprints of classic pre 1960 Lee Falk newspaper stories with art by Ray Moore and Wilson McCoy.


A huge thanks to both Celso Nunes and Glaucio Cardoso for keeping us up to date what is going on in Brazil with Mythos. Please ensure you subscribe to their Youtube channel, social media and website for more Phantom news from South America.

We are still on the lookout for a Mythos Phantom reader to help us with reviews of the comics to include in our own Comics and News X-Band: The Phantom Podcast. Please email us at


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