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King Features at the 2024 Licensing Expo

May 2024 featured the worlds largest licensing trade show in Los Vegas, USA. This expo brings together thousands of brands under the one roof. One of those brands that attended was King Features Syndicate who had their full suite of brands on show.

Obviously King Features had a lot to showcase with their brands along with some important birthdays with Popeye's 95th and Flash Gordon's 90th. As you can see with the image above, The Phantom was center with their booth branding.

We can announce that along with showcasing some of the new Phantom products in development like the Phantom Video Game by Art of Play Games and the new Defenders of the Earth series by Mad Cave Designs, they have also released a new extended trend guide for the Phantom.

This trend guide will include extended and updated character art, graphics, fonts, editorial, icons, patterns and more. Their last style guide portrayed a modern stylised Phantom yet ignored the classic style - we assume this update will include more classic style.

We expect we will begin to see new products being released soon with the new extended trend guide.


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