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Hermes "The Complete DCs The Phantom Collection" Volume 2 Out 2022!

With news that volume one is now being shipped, volume two wont be far behind released in the first quarter of 2022. You can pre order via your local comic and book shops, Amazon and of course the Hermes Press website (click here to preorder).

The second volume will pick up from volume one and contain issue 3 to either issue 8 or 9 from the regular series (confirmation to come). The front cover is from issue 8.

It will of course contain extras like copies of original art, a special interview with artist Luke McDonnell and documentary materials.

The stories the volume book will contain are:

Issue 3: "Pirates"

Issue 4: "Hate, Part 1"

Issue 5: "Hate, Part 2"

Issue 6: "Waste"

Issue 7: "Gold"

Issue 8: "Apes"

Issue 9: "Trains"

Will you be buying these hardcovers? When Chronicle Chamber gets their copies we will record our thoughts in a review.

We have been lucky enough to interview both DC creators artist Luke McDonnell and writer Mark Verheiden in our X-Band: The Phantom Podcasts. Below are the video podcast interviews. If you are a phan of this series, these podcasts are a must watch / listen.


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