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Hermes "The Complete DCs The Phantom Collection" Volume 1 Out Soon!

Dan Herman from Hermes Press has just released a promo video on their latest collection series. Originally the series was announced to be released in May 2021 (read the release here) but is now on a long ship from China. We expect it to hit comic book shops August/September.

The DC series is very popular among phans and the colour reproduction looks to be top quality, Dan made mention that the paper quality is 128 gsm on 90 pound matt stock paper.

You can buy these from the Hermes website here or via your local comic shop or other places.

The first volume will include an interview with Peter David including his interactions with Lee Falk which will be worth reading. Dan makes it seem that the relationship wasn't completely rosy.

Will you be buying these hardcovers? When Chronicle Chamber gets their copies we will record our thoughts in a review.

We have been lucky enough to interview both DC creators artist Luke McDonnell and writer Mark Verheiden in our X-Band: The Phantom Podcasts. Below are the video podcast interviews.

If you are a phan of this series, these podcasts are a must watch / listen. During the podcasts both creators were asked about republication by Hermes, either at that stage it was not on the cards or they held their cards close to their chest.


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