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French Publisher Editions Dante Pre Order a 400+ Page TPB of USA Charlton Stories

The French Publisher Editions Dante has currently up for pre order a new 400+ page TPB on their website. We believe the release date will be early July and is currently priced at €35.99 ($40US, $60AU, 450 sek/nok & 3,200INR) plus postage.

I believe this TPB is the first of others in a collection of Charlton stories similar as the Hermes collections. We understand Editions Dante will eventually publish all the Gold Key, Charlton and King stories published between 1962 and 1977.

The advertising says this TPB will be 468 pages and contain the stories from issues #30 and #40. I am unsure how 10 issues will fill out 450+ pages.

What we do know is that the first volume of the Charlton years features cover art by Frank Mclaughlin and Jim Aparo, with interior illustrations by Pat Boyette, Jim Aparo and Bill Lignante, and stories written by Bill Harris, Dick Wood and the first ever female Phantom creator Pat Fortunato (You can find out more about that here).


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