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Classic Phantom Figure Announced by NECA

NECA's Online Comic Con Panel on 19th July 2021 confirmed that they would be making a 7 inch scale fully articulated Classic Phantom figure scheduled for release in Late 2021 under their new upcoming 'Original Superheroes' line of figures.

As per Randy Falk, NECA's Creative Director, and the prototype pictures that were shown - The figure seems to be the same base sculpt as NECA 'Defenders of The Earth - The Phantom' figure but with added gun belt holsters, striped painted briefs, newly sculpted Colts hand guns, extra palms for posing and holding the weapons, a whip & a skull accessory which can also be used as an alternative head sculpt (I wonder why?)

Also the eyes and the skull on the belt buckle will glow in the dark!

The figure is reportedly going to come in packaging that has been carefully made to pay respect to the art and heritage of the classic comic strip.

Let's hope this time around NECA takes care in ensuring all the Quality Control issues that plagued their earlier Phantom figure don't turn up on this one as this would probably be THE definitive Phantom Figure for most Phans all over the world.

All the Phantom news starts at 5:24 and continues with Flash Gordon news continuing until 13:30.

Randy Falk also mentions that the extra 'Original Superheroes' line and Flash Gordon series is because of the phans buying the Defenders of the Earth figurines. So congratulations everyone for making these a possibility.

Randy has also confirmed that Lothar and Mandrake will be released in wave 2.0 in the Defenders of the Earth series.


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