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Chronicle Chamber Exclusive: Free Shipping for Australian Orders "Games by Lyck" Phantom Card Games

Did you originally miss out on your Games by Lyck Phantom Card Game? Thanks to Mikael Lyck who has some Australian stock he wants to move, we have a Chronicle Chamber exclusive with FREE SHIPPING for Australian postage orders.

There is limited stock available and this sale is only around for a short period of time so do not delay! It is also worth noting that this free shipping exclusive does not include the "Terror in Mawitaan" and "Stamus Contra Malum" extension card packs. It is for the Deluxe and regular game packs.

“It’s incredible how well he’s knocked it out of the park and made a game that stands toe to toe with the best card adventure game that Fantasy Flight has ever put out”

-Richard Ham of Rahdo Runs Through

If you are unsure whether or not you'll like the game, or can’t wait for the game to end up in your hands, they offer ways of playing through the first adventure.


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