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Are ElastoWit Going to Release a New Phantom Play Set Kit?

After the success of the initial ElastoWit Phantom release it looks like we may soon see another release of a Phantom play set. Owner Serhii March has confirmed with us that they are looking for ideas on what to include for the next release.

Do you have ideas?

Would you like to see popular characters like Diana, Guran, A Jungle Patrol, Redbeard the Pirate, Kabai Singh or even other animals like Hero, Hzz etc? What about backgrounds and sets like Eden, the Skull Cave, The Phantom's Head and more.

If you have ideas, please email or you can leave your ideas on our social media platforms.

For those who have come in late, ElastoWit is a small Ukraine company who create and sell thematic rubberised plastic figure collections in 54mm and 60/65mm sizes. Think the "army men" or "cowboys and Indian" sets a lot of us would have played with as children. ElastoWit have nearly 50 different designs ranging from popular pop culture icons like Robocop, Planet of Apes, Ned Kelly, The Island of Dr Moreau and many more.

It must be noted that these kits are NOT licensed by King Features Syndicate.

If you would like to find out more, go to their Facebook page,


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