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2021 Fantomen Best Cover Announced

The results for the 2021 Fantomen Best Cover has been released in Fantomen 16/2022 and the winner is issue 1/2021 by Henrik Sahlström.

320 phans voted in total and the winning cover got 40% of those. Interesting it is 100 less than last years vote (2019 had 254 votes) and it is such an overwhelming result between first and second place - almost 30% (84 votes).

Second place was 21/2021 again by Henrik Shalström featuring his tribute cover to Claes Reimerthi. Third place was 10-11/2021 by Luca Erbetta.

64% (206 out of 320) of all voters voted for these three covers. The full list of results is below.

What cover did you vote for?

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