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The Phantom Sunday on Mobile

A quick post highlighting a recent update to the King Features' comics kingdom website in regards to how you read the Sunday Phantom strip on a mobile device.

1. The Phantom has moved in the A-Z listing. The Phantom used to be under P for Phantom but is now under T for The Phantom

2. Once you are on the Sunday Phantom strip (if you are doing this on a day other than Sunday you will need to click the arrows to get to the correct day) click on the strip

3. The strip will now be presented horizontally giving the reader the ability to scroll through the comic.

I have found this to be an excellent feature for ease of use. From memory it was tried in the past but it kept bugging out on my phone. When I tried it to read this week's Sunday strip it worked a charm.

Attached also is a video demonstrating the new and improved use of reading the Sunday strip on the mobile.

As always... Happy Phantoming!

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