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Mallon Planning an Anniversary Edition

Sadly, there wasn't a lot of new Phantom stuff available for phans to find under the Christmas tree this year. But the folks at Mallon Publishing are looking to help correct that for December 2020!

Unless you came in very late, you know that through 2018 & 19 we saw the Australian company Mallon reprise a their line of Phantom calendars and diaries, items that had once been something of an annual tradition in Phantom phamilies around the country - almost every Australian phan seemed to find either that or a Mallon diary in their Christmas stocking or under the tree in the nineties and early 2000s!

Back then and still today, Mallon's reputation is for quality, affordable, and practical licensed Phantom items. Throughout next year, they are looking to maintain a broad public presence while also taking a deliberate step into the collector's market.

Phantom people with an eye on the future know that 2021 marks the 85th Anniversary of the "birth" of our hero, first published 17 February 1936. Back in 2016, Mallon produced an 80th Anniversary Journal/Address Book/Calendar volume - but they're aiming a little higher this time around!

Indeed, they are looking ahead with big plans to produce something very special for us all. Mallon are well developed in their plans to create a special 85th Anniversary edition of their famous Phantom diary, with the prospect of a Deluxe Limited Edition copy of the work as well.

Their press release follows:




In February 1936, the then 24-year-old Lee Falk published the first Phantom comic strip, introducing his audience to the adventures of a masked superhero who would go on to thrill, mystify and delight his fans to this day.

To mark the 85th anniversary of the first appearance of The Phantom, Mallon Publishing is planning a deluxe, limited-edition 2021 Anniversary Phantom Diary for release in 2020. Each limited edition will be numbered, will feature a special binding, ribbon marker, and a numbered and signed limited-edition print by a Phantom artist.

The format of the diary will be in the original cased, section-sewn style of the first Phantom diaries and the contents will cover significant events in the eight and a half decades of Phantom history, the facts and figures that fans look for, and will include some special spreads on Phantom topics such as Phantom artists, most popular stories, collectibles, the international scene, and other characters in the Phantom world.

A proposed double-page spread for the diary is reproduced here:

Sample spread only; not final art, content or layout.


- cased, full colour throughout

- section sewn

- trim size 260 x 210 mm

- 128 pp

- special binding, ribbon marker

- includes numbered and signed illustration by Phantom artist

A trade edition is also planned, in the same format but with a standard cover/binding and no other extra features; and an anniversary calendar may also be produced if fans are interested.


- $150 for the limited edition (plus GST & postage/packaging)

- $50 for the trade edition (plus GST & postage/packaging)

To register your interest and secure your copies, please contact

Some of you may have already contacted the publisher to support this publication; and while the response has been encouraging, we are still considerably short of orders required to make it viable. So all of you fans out there, get behind this venture and help bring this unique Phantom collectible into reality!

* Details are indicative only at this time and may be subject to change.


Mallon has a history of asking for and responding to public interest. We phans know from experience that if the interest is not evident then Mallon will not go ahead with a product; but if the people speak up, then Mallon produce something quite fine.

So, it is incumbent on us all to get in touch and let them know we are keen! Make sure you click on this email link and indicate your interest to Mallon today!

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