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X-Band: The Phantom Podcast #132B - Brisbane Supanova 2019 feat. Billy Zane & The Frew Crew

When we said back in the show notes for #132A, "You knew that having Billy Zane come to Australia meant that you were going to get bombarded with podcasts, right?", we had no idea that we'd be wedging in an actual sit-down podcast interview with the man himself (#133). As it turns out, we did!

That's meant that a bit of a delay with the Brisbane recordings coming out, but so be it!

A word of warning - the Phantom panel with the Frew guys (Glenn Ford, Jamie Johnson, Andrew Constant, Paul Mason & Jeremy Macpherson) is not the best quality audio in the world, but it is worth listening to if you can persevere.

The Frew Crew reflections are certainly worth a listen, as they provide a peek behind the curtain of the artist's grind, as well as an interesting morsel or two regarding future plans!

4m30 Billy Zane Q&A

7m20 The Phantom Panel

53m Frew Crew reflections

Make sure you've signed the petition for a new The Phantom movie. Check the tape: Billy says you have to!

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