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Video Review: Don Newton's Complete Phantom

The Don Newton book published by Hermes Press has not disappointed! The collection of Charlton stories, essays, interviews and artwork gathers together the complete works of a man that many regard as one of their favourite Phantom artists.

In the video review below, we look over Don Newton's Complete Phantom in detail. Fair to say we love the attention to detail that Dan Herman and the team have put into this volume. Make sure you watch to the end as we have a special competition for our Patreon supporters.

We also recommend listening to our podcast interview back in episode #99 with Eileen Herman and Dan as we discussed several topics with them, including this book.

You can still order this book via Hermes Press online shop, otherwise check your Local Comic Store - they will either stock the book or can order it in for you.

Are you a Patreon Supporter? If not, there is still a chance to join and be in the running for this amazing prize. The draw will be drawn at the end of May and posted for free to the winner.

The raffle draw is random, and Patreons will be entered at a rate of one ticket for each dollar pledged monthly. For instance, supporting at $1/month equals one entry, supporting at $25/month equals 25 entries.


Thanks to Hermes Press for the incredible donation of a copy of this book for us to raffle to our Patreon supporters.

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