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X-Band: The Phantom Podcast #115 - Update on "The Phantom: Treasures of Drakon" Kickstarte

Alex Wynnter and Dale Maccanti join Dan who is flying solo to give us an in depth look at the current kickstarter campaign and if you are not yet pledged, why not? If you are interested go to To find out more go to our past detailed review of the Kickstarter which you can find here. If you want to watch the game in action. The team off Chronicle Chamber played an early prototype version at the Sydney Supanova in 2018 which you can watch here.

Campaign topics we touch upon are:

  • EU friendly postage

  • How often they check the kickstarter

  • The progress of the kickstarter

  • TPB of the Red Dragon saga

  • Special Features of the game in the TPB

  • The evolution of the game

  • Mechanics and game style of the game

  • The rules of the game

  • The Kid Phantom solo story line to the game (stretch goal)

  • The unnamed villain for the Kid Phantom solo game play

  • Stretch goals

  • The game pieces miniatures and the processes including who posed for Guran

  • Alex's and Dale's favourite parts of the game

  • The initial 'game off' between the Chronicle Chamber crew. For the record Jermayn won.

  • The Treasure of Drakon now on BGG (Board Game Geek)

  • Check out Jamie Johnson's art he shares on social media

  • How you can promote the Kickstarter campaign yourself


  • Hashtag #PhantomBoardGame and #BGG

Have you pledged? If you have not, tell us why.

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