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50th Anniversary of the Swedish Comics Association

Earlier this month, the Swedish Comics Association celebrated their 50th anniversary. Way back on the 7th of December 1968, several Swedish fans created the group. Founding members included The Phantom luminaries Janne Lundström and Magnus Knutsson, who would go on to become key members of Team Fantomen and create many Phantom stories during the 1960's and 1970's, along with others in Klas Reimers, Peter Jarbratt and Love Arbén.

L-R: Janne Lundström, Magnus Knutsson, Klas Reimers, Peter Jarbratt and Love Arbén.

I would recommend re-listening to X-Band Episode 101: Politics and the Phantom, where the boys interviewed Robert Aman who discussed Janne and Magnus a lot, explaining the impact they had on the Phantom.

To this day, the Swedish Comics Association continues to publish a magazine about comics in Sweden and surrounding areas. This was originally titled Thud and later renamed Bild & Bubbla. The first issue had a Phantom-inspired cover! The anniversary issue of Bild & Bubbla celebrates by reusing this historic cover and is available to buy here for 89kr (AUD $15) plus postage.

Past issues of Bild & Bubbla have contained articles of interest to Phantom fans. For example #150 contained an impressive article on the history of Team Fantomen.

Thanks to Rolf Lindby for the photos; more information can be found here.

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