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Fantomen Pirates Book is OUT NOW

Back in May 2018 we announced that there was a new Pirates Themed Softcover book being released this year.

On the weekend at Stockholm Comic Con this past weekend (15th and 16th September) it was released. With the Gothenburg book fair in a weeks time between 27 and 30 September you have one more chance to buy it before having to purchase online.

You can buy via the Bokus website for 129kr + Shipping. If your an English reader read this link that will help you place your order:

This book is 146 pages in a thick softcover format like the past three from this series. The new cover artist is Luca Erbetta and along with six (6) Phantom stories battling pirates there is also an article written by editor Andreas Eriksson about the Phantom and his past and present battles with pirates.

The Six Phantom Stories are:

  • Pirates Ahoy

  • The Astronaut and the Pirates

  • S.S. Blitz

  • The Super-Jet Gang

  • The Tanker-Jackers

  • Captain Amazon - Pirate Queen

We have been lucky enough to get a very quick sneak peak from the Stockholm Comic Con which you can watch here:

These books have always been popular so do not delay in getting your copy.

We are lead to believe that there will again be a Finnish version of the book but at this stage there will be no Norwegian version unlike last year.

Thank you goes to Andreas Erikkson who was our roving reporter for the Stockholm Comic Con.

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