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The Latest News from Team Fantomen

Mikeal Sol and his team of editorial staff at Fantomen recently took to Facebook and asked for input and questions, and then took the time to answer them individually. I must congratulate Mikeal and the team for doing so and in reading their responses I learnt a bit and wanted to share it.

While many responses may not affect the average Frew (or Australian) reader - ChronicleChamber is an interntional phan website and some of their decisions do effect Frew with their created stories, especially with the two most hotly debated stories in the 22nd Phantom saga and the Sandal Singh saga.


22nd Phantom to return in 2019

While some hard core Falkists and traditionalists remain unsure about the new saga that Frew readers got to see in 2018, many more enjoyed it and it rated quite highly in our Best of Frew 2017 poll. Frew publisher Dudley Hogarth enjoyed it and was keen to see it return. Mikeal has confirmed the ongoing future saga will return in 2019 with both Heloise and Kit Jnr as the 22nd Phantom.

Interest from the Fantomen fans to see Heloise / Female Phantom

Not too surprising with the success of the Girl Phantom 2017 Frew Annual, #1774 and Heloise taking a central role in the current Daily story (by Tony DePaul & Mike Manley). I expect Heloise will continue to play a key role in the above mentioned 22nd Phantom saga.

Extra NEW Phantom stories to appear in 2019

No concrete number was given on the number of new stories but with some cost cutting & smart budgeting, new stories (which have been as few as 13 in the past) will likely increase up to 18 or 19 a year. Together with Frew's increase of new stories, as well as delving into past Semic and Spada archives, we won't be short of new stories which is a great thing.

I wonder if we would ever see a Phantom comic every week?

Fantomen to publish more newspaper stories

2018 saw a Daily story voted as the phan's favourite story for Fantomen (Sweden). There are also many classic Sy Barry stories and a host of George Olesen and Paul Ryan stories yet to be published. These are likely to be published as back up stories in their 100 page double numbers. This is certainly an interesting development in the on-going discussion between Falkist and Modernist Phantom phans.

One thing we can all agree on though: more Phantom is always a good thing.

The Phantom will likely be visiting modern day Stockholm in 2019

I half expect some Australian fans to throw their arms up in the air over this but it's ok. It's not the end of the world and Fantomen stories are primarily targeted towards the Scandinavian audience and secondarily to sell to Frew for Australians to read.

Settle down Aussie phans and just enjoy.

The new Frew stories are gaining interest internationally

One Fantomen reader asked about the possibility of Egmont publishing some of Frew's new stories.

This wold be good for Australian readers. If other companies republish Frew's stories it means we are likely to see more for various reasons including it costs Egmont money to buy them of Frew (or a straight swap for one of theirs). Either way we readers benefit.


There you go. What are your opinions? I like to see companies take interest in what their market thinks and ask for their questions and input. If you had a question for Frew what would it be? Let us know...

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