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Göran Semb & Pidde Andersson Talk World Phantom

Those who remembered our podcast interview with Göran Semb back in episode 57 would remember that he had his own podcast talking about comics and pop culture. In his latest podcast (& a future podcast) he is joined with Pidde Andersson. In episode 104 they talk all things Phantom from a writing perspective which makes sense seeing both are highly accredited writers and phans.

For majority of Australian fans who do not speak Swedish will miss out on what I hear is a great conversation. if you understand Swedish, the video is below.

They discussed a number of topics including:

The Charlton stories with art by Jim Aparo are obviously written by people who get confused with the Phantom thinking he is a Tarzan clone and how everyone knows the Phantom. A topic also raised by the CC Team in various past podcasts.

They dissect various Phantom stories from around the world including Italian Spada stories and the new Australian Frew stories and how true they are to the Legend of the Phantom or Phantom Lore.

Göran also asked Pidde what he finds important about the Phantom stories he is writting for Frew which include the style (Adventure vs Action), humour and character development. All good qualities I am eagerly awaiting to see in more of his upcoming stories.

And another interesting topic they discussed is how Lee Falk wrote the comic Daily and Sunday stories in which people all spoke in a clipped manner. and how it could be partly due to space concerns but also partly due to Falk's theatrical ambitions and experience.

Lastely they do mention several known phans from around the world, even a member of the CC team. Give it a listen as they are all great topics and have either been discussed before on the XBand podcast or may be questions we have to ask Pidde in our future planned podcast together.

Thanks goes to Göran Semb and Pidde Andersson for the heads up and information about your podcast which sounds like a great listen.

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