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Shane Foley Exhibiting in June

Shane Foley is fast becoming a phan phavourite of Frew readers with his covers, Giantsize stories with a heavy Phantom influence of past Wilson McCoy classics and art gallery submissions. We'd recommend re-listening to Episode #92 of X-Band: The Phantom Podcast, featuring our interview with him.

Recently Shane featured in a video (see below) promoting an upcoming exhibition in regional Queensland in the Hervey Bay suburb of Pialba, south of Bundaberg, between June 22 and July 29.

Much of Shane's published Phantom work will feature in the exhibition, including the original artwork for the covers of Frew #1754 (his first cover), #1810 (the most recent), his Phantom / Sir Falcon Pholio pic (to be released as part of the Frew Heroes series at 2018 Sydney Supanova) and a piece called 'Ghost Who Walks' (shown right).

The display will highlight the process of creating the comic book from roughs right through to the finished inked pages from some of his Giant Size Phantom crossover stories..There are two pages from 'The Stolen Chronicle', with the rough pages and plot as well as the original art - and there are the roughs for 'The Prisoner Who Didn't Exist' cover - as well as a version I stopped doing because there was a problem with the Phantom's figure. All the nuts and bolts for aspiring cartoonists and those who are interested in how it's all put together.

Of course, as you can see in the video Shane is far more than just a Frew Phantom artist, and will also include other black and white artwork.

The question many phans will ask is, "Can I buy the art?"

The answer is YES! Shane assures us that ALL pieces, Phantom and otherwise, will be for sale.

Shane himself will attend on opening night, June 22, if you want to meet him and discuss Phantom, art and life.

If you can get there, set the GPS for: 166 Old Maryborough Rd, Hervey Bay, Queensland 4655.

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