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Phantom Board Game to debut at Supanova

It's been a couple of months since the last bit of news filtered out about The Phantom: Treasures of Drakon - the upcoming board game due to be funded via Kickstarter later in 2018.

Creators Alex Wynnter and Dale Maccanti are getting excited about Supanova in a few weeks time though, when a playable demo version of the game will be available for attending phans to check out!

Dale told ChronicleChamber, "A basic prototype will be at Supanova. It won't be the final art, which is still in development. Alex and I will be there to demo it and let people know about the Kickstarter in October."

According to Alex, "We'll be at the Frew booth on Saturday and Sunday, where we'll have a running sheet for people to book in a quick game. We'll also be running short demos and answering any questions through out the day."

And they've even begun teasing us with some very vague but oddly exciting pics of - well, cards, playing pieces.... who knows? The images on this page have been sprinkled throughout a range of Phantom-related Facebook groups over the last few days like clues in some sort of elaborate treasure hunt!

To read all about the origin and generation of the game, make sure you check out our in-depth piece that introduced it here..

And stay on top of all the news you need to know about the game as it breaks by following the creators on Facebook yourself -

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