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New Frew Artist: Daniel Picciotto

When Frew released their latest incarnation of their Pholio Series (#5 - Frew Heroes), we were introduced to a brand new artist that many phans wouldn’t have heard of before: Daniel Picciotto.

Today, ChronicleChamber is lucky enough to sit down with Daniel and find out a little more about the newest contributor to the Frewniverse.


ChronicleChamber: Thanks for joining us Daniel! First off, can tell us about yourself? How old are you, and where are you from?

Daniel Picciotto: I’m 37, and based out of Sydney Australia

CC: Did you study art at school? Self taught?

DP: Ironically I actually failed art in years 9-10 in high school, and didn’t elect it in 11-12 as the art teachers back then were focused on painting and sculpture, so I didn’t think comic art would be as respected. I do wish I did do a major work now.

CC: What comic work have you done that we might be familiar with?

DP: My first published work came from Comixtribes Scamthology trade paperback. I’ve had pin-ups printed in Image Comics’ Proof 18 and Low 16. Though my work has also been on TV in Nutrigrain ads and on the TV show Ready for This on the ABC.

CC: And any comic work recently? We hear you have a new title coming soon?

DP: I’ve created a character named John Mercer, of the book Mercer: The Pursuit of Honor, which is a high stakes CIA thriller. The story is written by Gareth Skarka (Lazarus, Dr Who, Star Trek) and the first issue has been printed, but haven’t announced it’s publication date yet.

CC: Cool, we look forward to seeing what it looks like! How would you describe your artistic style?

DP: I’d like to think it is a personal stylistic approach to classic comic book art while also trying to achieve a sense of verisimilitude.

CC: Did you read The Phantom or other comics as a younger man / boy? Do you still?

DP: I definitely used to read strips in the paper every Sunday. I loved the art. Now I’m enjoying reading the trades put out by Frew Publications.

CC: So tell us, how did you get the opportunity to do the piece for Pholio #5?

DP: I was lucky enough to meet Glenn Ford at Comic Con last year, and I was grateful he liked my work. So I said I’d happily do some Phantom work if it became available. I’ve always wanted to draw him.

CC: Tell us about your Pholio piece? What is the story behind it?

DP: I’m not sure how much I can say here haha, but Frew has asked me to do a poster of Phantom, and with him also re-introduce an old character from the 50’s back into the mix. It was exciting as they gave me full creative control on re-designing the character to make him more current. Frew and Glenn have been great to work with in that regard.

CC: C'mon Daniel! The Pholio images have already been released via an ad in the back of a Frew issue - surely you can tell us which one is yours? Which character, what sort of research did you have to do, and what did you consider in your re-design?

DP: Oh has it? In that case it’s a Phantom team up with Catman. Catman is a character created in the early 50’s, and so I looked back at those old illustrations to try and adapt that look as best as I could. I thought a cape would no longer suit, and I had been asked to make him more militant so I researched military equipment like goggles and straps to try and make his outfit one that looked more easily wearable, as far as tight body suits go!

CC: Any other possible work for Frew?

DP: I may have some more things coming :)

CC: Very mysterious... we'll probe no more on that then - although we have seen your Instagram post (below - wink!)

So, what is your process in creating your art? Do you use the traditional paper and ink or more new school with the computer?

DP: Great question as the process of making comics continues to evolve. I love working traditionally, but this past year I moved to producing all my layouts on iPad Pro using Procreate. Once I’m happy with the layouts I still print them out onto 11 x 17 comic boards and ink it traditionally.

CC: Do you accept commissions?

DP: Yep, but I’ve been so busy I’ve still got ones I need to do. If you’re prepared to wait I’ll get it done

CC: Will you be at Sydney Supanova?

DP: Yes! All weekend.

CC: Excellent! Are you spending time at the Frew booth, or located in Artist’s Alley… ?

DP: No details if I’ll be at Frew just yet but I’ll definitely be exhibiting in Artist's Alley with prints, some comics, and doing commissions. For anyone who picks up the Phantom/Catman poster I’ll be more than happy to sign it for free.

CC: Excellent! Where can phans check out your other art?

DP: My Instagram is best for regular updates @picci8, or my website

CC: Sensational, thanks Daniel. We'll be sure to check them out, and look forward to seeing you at Supanova!

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