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Best Egmont Stories of 2017 Announced

Back in January, Egmont Sweden and Norway held a competition for readers to vote for their favourite stories and covers of 2017. The best stories have now been announced; the best covers should be next month.

Sweden's Best Phantom story of 2017 was the 245th Daily Phantom story Farewell to the Deep Woods by Tony DePaul and Mike Manley. This was published in Fantomen 25&26/ 2017 and has NOT yet been published yet in Norway. 

It has been a while since a newspaper story has featured in the top voted stories in Egmont. This seems to be a clear sign that the Swedish market is now ready to read and enjoy more of the newspaper stories. For many years neither Sweden's or Norway's Egmont magazine produced many new newspaper stories; hopefully this demonstrates that Swedish readers  enjoy a good newspaper story which I am sure will keep the Falkists happy.

This story was published by Frew in issue #1772, back in 2016.

Before the conspiracy theorists suggest that Norway rejected any stories, we need to remember they release fewer issues than Sweden (13 compared to 19).  Farewell to the Deep Woods  was published in Fantomet 1/2018, so it will be worth seeing how it fares in next year's vote.

Norway's Best Phantom story of 2017 was The Sect of Constantinople by Philip Madden and Joan Boix which was published in Fantomet 6/2017.

There is no word yet when this story will be published by Frew in Australia, but we expect it will be soon as Madden is one writer that now has a few Best Story credits to his name, and is a phavourite for many Australian phans.

Thanks to Andreas and Thomas for informing us of the results.

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