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Celebrating Sy Barry's 90th Birthday

About a month ago, on March 12th 2018, phans the world over celebrated the 90th birthday of a seminal Phantom artist - the one and only Sy Barry.

Among the many online tributes and social media posts that were flying around on the big day, were specially commissioned artworks addressed directly to Sy. It became apparent that a very special birthday gift was being commissioned.

We discussed this briefly in Episode 93 of the X-Band podcast: Comics and News; mega-phan Pete Klaus has put together a Celebration Book to Sy Barry for his 90th Birthday.

Pete is a true Friend of the Phantom and well and truly deserves a Good Mark from the Phantom. He asked a number of well known popular Phantom artists to drew up a tribute to the great man himself.

It is a great idea as Sy Barry has wowed, entertained and inspired millions of people around the world across multiple generations. Many have gone onto becoming artists while others have memories to draw upon. The artists who where lucky enough to be a part of this gift to the great man read as a whose who of Phantom royalty.

In no particular order: Graham Nolan, Sal Velluto, Alex Saviuk, Jeff Weigel, Hans Lindahl, Ruben Procopio, Lou Manna and Australia's own Jamie Johnson all contributed, to name just a few.

Pete has sent us a sample video of the folder showcasing some of the art that has been commissioned, as well as a note from one humble Phantom community website.

Enjoy flicking through a sample of the book as we wish Sy Barry a wonderful 90th birthday!

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