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Egmont Commissions New 'The World of the Phantom' Short Stories

After almost a year's absence, the World of the Phantom short stories are making a return to Egmont.

The series was initially called Phantom's Kids because the short stories focused on Kit and Heloise, but was later changed to Fantomen's Värld ("The World of the Phantom") as other minor Phantom characters like Diana, Guran, Old Man Mozz, Hzz and others featured in the short stories.

These are created by writers and artists with no previous experience working on The Phantom. The series began in 2014. While clearly set in the same continuity as the regular Team Fantomen stories, the Phantom himself is only rarely seen.

The first batch of stories featured as back up stories in Fantomen and Fantomet between 2014 and 2017. However, artistKim W Andersson recently posted a new panel on his Instagram account which looks like it may feature creation Kadia Sahara and Heloise getting picked up by some ugly looking creep. The caption for the post - Drawing a short The Phantom comic - is a dead giveaway!

For the record I love the way Kim draws a bad guy - reminds me of Wilson McCoy where the bad guys have all been beaten by the ugly stick. Above we see the pencil version with the dialogue added, and below we see the final inks.

As a lot of Australian and non-Egmont readers have not seen any of these stories, I have scanned a story from Fantomen 22-23/ 2014 which features Diana in a story called Stolen Cargo written by Alan Sonne, with art by Kim W. Andersson so you can get a gauge yourself. have a look below...

As a lot of these stories are 1-6 pages, they would be handy as back ups for future Frew issues.

Thanks to Andreas for the spot.

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