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Phantom Board Game Has a Name

The trickle of information about the upcoming Phantom board game continues! We now know a little bit more about the game-play and most importantly, we now also have a clear idea what it will be called, thanks to a recent magazine interview with the creative team.

The Campaigner is an Australian digital and hardcopy magazine dedicated to tabletop gaming news and reviews. In the current issue #23, Dale Maccanti - one half of the team behind the Phantom game - leaked out a little more insight into the tabletop board game which will be titled:

"The Phantom: Treasures of Drakon"

The interesting part of the title referencing the Island of "Drakon" from the Pirates of the Red Dragon trilogy, is that it is borne of a mis-translation by Frew! "Drakon" ("Drakön") is Swedish and could have been translated literally as "The Dragon Island" but hey - Drakon is a cool name and sometimes so-called mistakes become legendary.

For the full interview, you can buy a copy of the magazine (and/or download a digital copy) here. Dedicated collectors and especially those considering becoming board game completists will not want to miss out - there are only 18 hard copies of the magazine left in stock at time of writing.

Much of the Interview does repeat what you would have already heard on our two podcasts with Alex Wynnter (Episode 86) or Dale (Episode 89), or read in the ChronicleChamber posts that followed. However The Campaigner #23 is worth reading to refresh your enthusiasm for what an awesome board game this will be, and also for the awesome game-play tidbits that are released.

One particular element that got our attention was that the game will feature "a mechanic that allows the players to create a playable comic. It will look like a collection of daily strips that will change every time you play."

This, together with the promise of some spectacular and new Glenn Ford artwork, will continue to have phans licking their lips, feeling for their hip pockets, and eagerly eyeing the October release of the Kickstarter campaign!

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